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Just 5 km from our hostel, on the banks of a river surrounded by pine and birch trees, our kennels are home to almost 200 Alaskan Huskies.

Several members of our team our dedicated to caring for them daily, they are known as “handlers”.

OUR Dogs

A cross between Siberian huskies and other Nordic dog breeds, the Alaskan Husky is known for its dog-sledding abilities and love of the Nordic environment.

Covered by 7 layers of fur in winter, the Alaskan husky can withstand periods of cold beyond -40°C (104 F)!

Each dog is unique, in our kennels there are as many personalities as there are different furs. These different characteristics are what make our kennels so charming. 

  • The age of our dogs varies from only few months up to 16 years old

  • Their weight varies from 20kg up to 45kg.

  • Their personalities are all different : calm, cunning, dynamic, patient, brave…


In Summer


Having worked throughout winter, our dogs need a rest to enjoy Hossa's summer heat. This warmth is quite exhausting for our dogs who are more accustomed to the cold of winter.

During summer they usually relax in our resort pen, relaxation park area of about hundred square meters. Here our dogs can stretch their legs and play together. They also always look forward to hiking with travellers, discover our dog-walking activities.

In Winter

The dogs main activity in winter is dogsledding. Training starts from September so that they are ready for the winter season.

During winter, our dogs can travel up to 50 km in a day between the borealis forest and on the frozen lakes of Hossa National park.


The Pack

The organization of the pack is very established. In each enclosure, a hierarchy is set up by the dogs themselves. The pens are single sex except during mating period when we regroup potential partners according to their qualities and mutual affection.

Our dogs live and work in pairs. Often, these duos have grown and worked together forever! Some couples show exceptionally strong bonds of affection and attachment, an undying loyalty to one another.  


When the pack are pulling sleds, each member has a precise role to play :


  • The leaders : There are five leaders positioned at the head of the pack. These dogs are the most intelligent, they give rhythm and directions to the whole team. They have a special place in the kennel and we develop a special relationship with them because they must learn to understand and communicate with the pack each of the orders we give them.

The other dogs have specific roles too :

  • The Teams  : These dogs are positioned just behind the leaders. They need to have good stamina and a good rhythm because they are the gods who bind the whole group, connecting all of the dogs.

  • The Wheels : These dogs are positioned just in front of the sled. They are not the fastest, but they are very strong and give the power needed to start up.

* Visit the kennels with one of our "handlers"

 12€ per adult and 8€ for children

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