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Simply unique !


Hossan Lomakeskus is located in the midst of the sumptuous scenery of the Hossa natural park. The 40th park to be named to inaugurate 100 years of Finland, it is found in the Kainuu region.

An idyllic spot with many amazing possibilities.

It is a hikers' paradise with trails which wind through hilly and varied terrain past crystal clear lakes and rivers..


The natural backdrop remains marked by the ice age and prehistory.

The unique Värikallio Cliffs site feature a whole series of stone age rock paintings dating back some 3500 to 4000 years. The forests of the region are in their natural state and incredibly preserved.

This extraordinary setting, has everything for lovers of wide open spaces.

Discover a “Finnish-style” stay with a range of possible activities. In summer it is the ideal place for hiking, with over 100 km of marked paths. You can also canoeing down rivers, swimming in the clear waters or mountain biking in the forest.

The area has a great reputation for hunting and fishing.

Hossa is a paradise for anglers. Fishing and hunting permits are sold at the Park center and fishing equipment can be rented from our hostel.

In winter, when these majestic landscapes are blanketed in snow, the activity possibilities are limitless: cross-country skiingdog-sledding,snowshoeingsnowmobiling...


The park has close to 100 km of marked, maintained paths in the heart of the untamed taiga.

We offer all these activities in Summer as well as winter : 
• Summer Activities
• Winter Activities

Our staff will be delighted to provide you with all the information you need to ensure a perfect stay.



Camp Norwide is surrounded by a large variety of Scots pins and birch trees. During Summer, you can gather various berries such as blueberry, cloudberry (also called arctic berry)... which can be found in marchy areas/peatlands.

Autumn is time for the mushroom harvest and the forests ground is covered with them.


Forests are sacred for Finnish people, they are considered a source of a healthy lifestyle and welfare. It is important for Finnish people to learn how to be in harmony with sacred nature.



Finland possesses a grand and very diversified range of fauna which delights fishermen as well as nature lovers, photographers and ornithologists.

You can often meet curious reindeers, grazing around the hostel or Hossa Park. They wander freely in Summer so do not be surprised if you see one relaxing in front of your bay window one day !

Shyer and more discret, bears are also not uncommon. It is possible to organise bear watching with an expert guide from a cabin in the woods next to our hostel.

If you are lucky you may cross paths with elk, ermine or even a lynx ! These animals live in the area but are quite reserved when they smell humans approaching.

You can find out more information about this unique are of the official Hossa National Park website.

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